Monday, February 14, 2011

This is not just a test of my emergency broadcast system

I can not think of a better way to show your family love than to announce "no more fast food".

The four year old, J-Bird promptly moans "its no fair Ima!
Husband, Mr.G whimpers "do we have to eat vegetables?"
The eight year old, Chavi is cool with it & will eat anything you put in front of him so he just wants to know "when are we eating" (every 15 seconds).

Seven months ago we moved from Arizona to Oklahoma somehow we fell off the health wagon and landed in the eat only crap wagon. The decline in healthy eating started slowly but as it rolls down hill it is quickly gaining size & momentum. I can kvetch about who, when, how, and why but the short of it is I tossed in the towel.

As we gear up for another move this time all the way back to the north east, I am also gearing up to make some major changes in the way my family is living starting with the foods we eat. More veggies, more fruits, more whole grains, less meat, dairy, and artificial junk.

Yes I said it, adios HFCS and red dye #40. I am also super excited for our move to Rhode Island and have been researching ways to buy local most of the foods we eat. I don't plan on waiting though we can do better right now and I plan on following through.

The real challenge will be trying to get Mr.G to understand that eating foil packets of tuna with ramen noodles and chili powder is not really healthy eating.

...this is an actual emergency so stay tuned for further instructions...