Thursday, February 17, 2011

Picture Day

This is Mr. Sad Cakes other wise known as our J-Bird

Sad cakes

He was three and one half year old when I took this picture. It was his first real experience at picking pumpkins from the farm. My sweet boy has a diagnosis of sensory processing disorder, food allergies, and asthma at this point in time he was still very withdrawn from the universe around him.

I have so many pictures of Mr. Sad Cakes, no eye contact, no smiles. This was a very bitter sweet time in our lives because he had only just received an official diagnosis. While it was a relief to begin speech therapy, OT, and PT, it was a hard pill to swallow to hear that your child is not NT.


Thanks to early intervention, special needs pre-school, a great ST, a fantastic OT/PT, and a wonderful developmental pediatrician Mr. Sad Cakes has left the building. J-Bird met his IEP goals and has been main-streamed, and while he still has his battles it is amazing at how far he has come. He is such a wonderful little man, and I am so thankful we were blessed with him.

We have no idea the future challenges that J-Bird may encounter, what ever comes though we will continue to face together as a family.