Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sucking Lemons

When life hands you lemons then its time to make lemon drops and throw a party!

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I was reading something today that was chock full of bitterness, complaining, and hate. It came as no surprise that the woman hates where she is living, and can find nothing redeeming about the area. It made me think about acceptance, and creating my own joy.

It is no secret that Oklahoma nee the mid-west, is not my favorite place to live. Yet, I have had so much fun here. I may be counting down until the movers come (still no clue when that will actually be that's the Navy for you) but I am enjoying keeping myself busy during the wait. There are many wonderful things to see and do here I end up constantly surprised, and delighted. We also belong to a great Temple (Temple B'Nai Israel) and the kids are all kinds of involved there. We will be sad to leave that.

While I do miss my friends and my family in Tucson, and have not managed to really make a close circle here, but that was my fault I didn't want to make friends only to leave them again so soon.

Whats my point? Well in my life I have found that it is up to me to create my happiness, and that my outside circumstances do not really have to matter. I can choose to be bitter and judge everything that I come across with my negative measure stick or I can look for the holiness (replace with what ever spiritual/scientific phrase that fits your need) in every moment.

Instead of spending the past seven months bemoaning and kvetching every waking moment, I have: explored Oklahoma City, tried new things (Stroller Strides), seen where some of my family came from (and is still buried), along with picking up a few new hobbies. When we leave this place I won't be sad but I will be happy with how I spent my time here and glad for the experience.