Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Roundup

This week was Valentine's Day & J-Bird helped me make these little treat bags for his class. We used several items from #Target's Dollar spot: pencils, erasers, & treat bags. Price wise the cost ended up being only a little more than we would normally spend, & I thought this was cuter. The bounce balls were the #1 most loved item according to J-Bird.

He also informed me that he is in love with a girl in his classroom. When I reminded him of our no girlfriend policy his response was "Ima, it's just puppy love, it is junior love!" The things he says just crack me up.

Chavi was a bit bummed out about his middle school Valentine's Day festivities (there were none). He reported that only the girls got anything, they either have boyfriends or they gave things to each other. He said people would think it was weird if the boys gave each other things too. That made me feel a little sad for him & the other boys feeling left out just based on their sex, & lack of a girlfriend. Although in our home 6th grade is still under the no girlfriend rule, he has a crush on a girl in his circle of friends. It seems both of my boys have girls & puppy love on their minds lately. I want to dive under the covers, chanting "I'm not ready, I'm not ready".

My parents gave both boys a DVD, Chavi was given The Sandlot. I love this movie, every time I hear the word forever in my mind (and sometimes out loud) I repeat it just like it is said in the film "FOOOOOREVVVERRR" Both boys think it is just an amazing story, & I can see it being played often in our home. Saturday evening they went outside to play some baseball. It involved a ton of loud spitting, a lot of strikes & a few really nice pitches. Watching them play was hilarious, I was dying of laughter on the inside. Even the gross spitting, it was all so dramatic as they played just like The Sandlot boys did.

It made me miss the way we used to play back in the 80's, do you remember playing with one large core group of neighborhood kids? I wish children still played like that.

Keeping this short this evening, I can feel a tension headache building. I am thinking a nice cup of herbal tea, and a warm compress on my eyes might help. Either way it can't hurt.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

School & Other Randomly Assorted Thoughts

This winter I went BACK to school (yes again, I really, really want my BSW) My course work this semester is: Social Work 110, Psych 101, Spanish 101, & Writing 102. A ton of reading, exams, & research papers, not to mention one class wants AMA citation, another wants MLA *yikes* My Psych class is the hardest, it is just SO much being thrown at my brain in one go. All but one of them are hybrid courses, which is a whole new experience for me. Hybrid means a ton of work on the computer, with the added bonus of lecture times, & in-class work.

 My youngest asked me the other day why I forgot to buy him gum at the store. I explained to him that I have three peoples schedules bouncing around in my brain, sometimes things fall out. To be honest (or fair?) gum wasn't ranked high on my list of priorities, & he was right there with me so he forgot too. Still, I know the boys depend on my NOT forgetting (even little things like a new pack of gum), they need me to have Super Mom brain. Sometimes, I feel like they have Swiss Cheese for Brains Mom instead.

As a result of my going to school I spend a lot of time driving: to & from my school, each of the boy's schools, school events for all three of us, Synagogue events, Hebrew & Sunday school, etc. (so much time in my mom mobile, my music of choice is currently Taylor Swift on repeat.) It is a lot to keep track of all of the things, with no one to remind, or at the very least commiserate with me.

Writing things down, doesn't mean I won't forget, or double book, because I am so far from perfect (which I am at peace with, perfect is not ever going to be a goal of mine). It is not helping that winter, is the season I struggle most mental health/mood wise. To combat the mental fuzz, I put things in my phone, on the calendar hanging on the fridge, in my day planner, & on the white board. Being organized does not come easy to me, I am trying to learn though. Can you become type 'A' by sheer force of will? Ask me again in a year!

OH, & because I might be certifiable (I kid). I also joined the Social Services Student Organization at my campus, & I am on the Purim Festival committee at our Synagogue. Gold star points for moving out of my comfort zone, & getting involved on a deeper level.

My next step in the 'Take Control of Your Life, Be Better Organized, & Prepared' journey I am undertaking, is to write out a list of goals for myself. I am thinking short term, for just the next six months. I don't think I am quite ready for long term thoughts & that is okay.


Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Very Brief Synopsis

I have been ignoring this blog.

Every time I think of updating I start to have anxiety and close the Mac. Long story short my marriage crashed and burned a little over a year ago. Then my car died just to add insult to injury. That sounds flippant. I don't mean it to be, but I also don't want to blast the gritty details all over the web. It was painful, and private.

I didn't want to just ignore it though, so there it is.

 At the end of June, I packed the little boys plus what could fit in the minivan, and we made a 3K journey across America. It was the scariest thing I have ever done, even now I can't believe I actually was brave enough to do it. Not so much the driving, or the camping, but leaving my old life.

Now here we are in our own little place, and our universe feels pretty peaceful most of the time. The boys are both in schools they love, and I am back in school too. I am finally finishing my degree, and pursuing a career in social work.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hit the Ice

I scored some free tickets to the Providence Bruins game this past Sunday! Mr. G took the boys to their very first hockey game, & I met them right before the third period started (I work every weekend). We lost, but that's ok everyone had such a good time! The boys even got to see their first ice brawl, one of the Philly Penguins got into a fist fight with one of our guys on the ice.

I can't wait to take them to their first Boston Bruins game, they are going to love it! I asked Chavi if he still wanted to play hockey after seeing it in person & he said "YEAH!" I however am not sold on the idea, I think its just to aggressive for his personality. We will see how learning to skate goes though, he might surprise me.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Catching up to the New Year

It's been a while, I guess I am some what of a fail blogger *whoops*

This past summer all sorts of things happened: both boys spent a week at sleep away camp, Mr. G returned from his deployment, we spent the 4th of July in North Carolina, spent time at the Y, beach, zoo, & of course the library. J-Bird even got to go on a canoeing adventure with our friends!

Big changes happened this fall:
Chavi started middle school & decided to play the trumpet in band. J-Bird was placed in a collaborative classroom & is finally getting OT again at school.

Some changes for me too, I went back to work! I am now gainfully employed, at a popular chain of small grocery shops. I love it there, it is the perfect job for me, for right now. Working while fun, has also thrown our household into all sorts of chaos. It has taken a couple months, but we are figuring it out. So of course Mr. G was switched from days to overnights, adding even more fun to our household routine. I am learning to really love scheduling, I have a planner, a gigantic calendar, & a dry erase board just to keep us all on track. It works MOST of the time.

me: post long crazy day of work, the holidays get to be bananas in retail

OH, I learned how to can (finally) I took a two night workshop over at the URI outreach center. I can't believe I was so scared of it! Even the pressure canner is not so big & bad once you know how it all works. It is pretty simple basically, ALWAYS follow the instructions, & never get creative. Canning is not cooking.

Mr. G's parents & one of his brothers came up here in November. They got to experience a little bit of our Thanksgivukkah extravaganza, which was fun to share with them. The visit went really well, & for that I am happy.

We discovered Chavi has my vision so new glasses for him & the Durango met with an unfortunate demise.  We are now the proud owners of a new (to us) volvo, which was a win in my book.

I think that pretty much catches us all up! Coming up in the next couple of months will be a trip to D.C. & a visit from my Mother (which includes a trip to NYC for me) I could not be any more excited, hopefully 2014 will be an amazing year!

Hoping you are having a very dapper New Year so far!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

You Get What You Need

I have been job hunting, which ends up feeling a lot like dating did in my early twenties. It starts out all shiny, you picture a Sixteen Candles kind of fairytale ending where you get that boy (job) you really want. Only, I am starting to suspect that I am not Samantha Baker. I might just be Caroline Mulford, ending the night with my hair chopped off in a strange boys car. What's a girl to do, when you cry yourself to sleep over that job you ALMOST got but in the end didn't. In short, six months of job hunting feels like an eternity, & what seemed fun has become emotionally draining.

Pity party aside, this has been a huge lesson on leaving my comfort zone, acceptance, & each interview is another chance to improve. I have some choices to make about what my next move would be & given Mr. G's working schedule, combined with the boy's school schedule somethings just won't fit. I want to go back to work, but is that what we need me to do right at this point in time? I will never regret putting my career on hold to raise my family, but I do wish an employer would take a chance on me.

I am giving it one more go, & then I will take a break until the new year.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

An Afternoon on the Farm

This afternoon, I loaded the boys in the car for an adventure. I refused to tell them where we were headed, it was a surprise. After several rounds of are we there yet, & where are we going, we arrived at the Coggeshall Farm museum in Bristol, RI.

Coggeshall Farm, is Rhode Island's only living history farm. This is a magical place, where you feel like you have stepped back in time, to the year 1799 the moment you arrive. It is one of the most peaceful places I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.

Today we spent most of our visit outside, it was a perfect New England spring day nothing but bright blue skies & a brisk breeze. The boy's were asked if they would like to help out & collect eggs in the barn, what a great treat! While they were waiting, one of the Tom turkeys was very curious about what might be in their empty basket. Later on during the day, one of the interpreters taught them a trick to fool bossy turkeys & nesting geese, so that the birds wouldn't chase them around the farm yard.

The eggs we collected, the boys were so excited to try this but the geese were a bit scary so I helped. J-Bird is making one of his crazier smile faces, it looks more like he is growling at me!

Running through the pasture beware of Ox patties, but J-Bird managed to step in one whoops!

This ox was enormous, but ever so peaceful I could have spent all day patting him

The definition of a gentle giant, he was so very, very sweet. He would come closer, ever so slowly to get you to keep rubbing his nose.

Chickens roaming free in the yard. They all looked so happy, going about their chicken business. One of the hens in the barn was very broody. She was sitting on her eggs yelling at us, we of course left her & her eggs alone.

Chavi is creeping up on the sheep slowly, he wants to get a better look at the lambs.

That is a horse taking a nap in the far pasture & a little donkey grazing, all of the animals seemed so content.

We became very careful sheep stalkers. Moving slowly, & quietly, so that we could get a good look without startling them away. They have lambs to protect, so that makes them more skittish. They were all oh so adorable though.

This little lamb was born in January

The eggs in the basket were the ones we collected, the white dough is johnny cake batter. We were allowed to try a johnny cake, it was very tasty.

This is a museum where you can touch everything, just so long as you are gentle. Both boys enjoyed dressing up & pretending. They tried on everything even a corset, which they thought was a vest!

He is pretending to be hard at work

The farm is very near the bay, the views were just stunning. Connie, the female interpreter working at the house was amazing, so patient with both my & the boys many questions. John who was working outside, was also wonderful. They were just full of information, happy to share it, & obviously very much enjoy their work.

J-Bird, told John about the chicks they had hatched in their classroom (from Casey Farm) & how we would like to get chickens of our own. So then John, got to telling me about the chicken class they have during spring vacation week every year at Coggeshall Farm & that they if we really are interested in keeping chickens that their farm sells heritage breed birds.  He had such a passion about the animals under his care, the importance of preserving the heritage breeds, & even though he was very obviously busy he took time to chat with us for a few minutes.

Headed back down the hill to our car, this was a perfect day I can't wait until our next visit. I am so glad we came to Coggeshall Farm today. It was very inspiring & I love sneaking in education in ways the boys won't see as learning.

Coggeshall Farm Museum

*The farm is open Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 am to 4:00pm year round
*Weekday rates are slightly cheaper than weekend rates, & they do not take credit or debit cards
*There are picnic tables, & a restroom on the grounds, this is a leave no trace site so if you bring it in be sure to take it back out
*There are various membership packages which have several nice perks: free admission during normal museum hours, discounted rates for special events & workshops, & a 10% discount on organic produce from their kitchen garden