Saturday, May 4, 2013

An Afternoon on the Farm

This afternoon, I loaded the boys in the car for an adventure. I refused to tell them where we were headed, it was a surprise. After several rounds of are we there yet, & where are we going, we arrived at the Coggeshall Farm museum in Bristol, RI.

Coggeshall Farm, is Rhode Island's only living history farm. This is a magical place, where you feel like you have stepped back in time, to the year 1799 the moment you arrive. It is one of the most peaceful places I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.

Today we spent most of our visit outside, it was a perfect New England spring day nothing but bright blue skies & a brisk breeze. The boy's were asked if they would like to help out & collect eggs in the barn, what a great treat! While they were waiting, one of the Tom turkeys was very curious about what might be in their empty basket. Later on during the day, one of the interpreters taught them a trick to fool bossy turkeys & nesting geese, so that the birds wouldn't chase them around the farm yard.

The eggs we collected, the boys were so excited to try this but the geese were a bit scary so I helped. J-Bird is making one of his crazier smile faces, it looks more like he is growling at me!

Running through the pasture beware of Ox patties, but J-Bird managed to step in one whoops!

This ox was enormous, but ever so peaceful I could have spent all day patting him

The definition of a gentle giant, he was so very, very sweet. He would come closer, ever so slowly to get you to keep rubbing his nose.

Chickens roaming free in the yard. They all looked so happy, going about their chicken business. One of the hens in the barn was very broody. She was sitting on her eggs yelling at us, we of course left her & her eggs alone.

Chavi is creeping up on the sheep slowly, he wants to get a better look at the lambs.

That is a horse taking a nap in the far pasture & a little donkey grazing, all of the animals seemed so content.

We became very careful sheep stalkers. Moving slowly, & quietly, so that we could get a good look without startling them away. They have lambs to protect, so that makes them more skittish. They were all oh so adorable though.

This little lamb was born in January

The eggs in the basket were the ones we collected, the white dough is johnny cake batter. We were allowed to try a johnny cake, it was very tasty.

This is a museum where you can touch everything, just so long as you are gentle. Both boys enjoyed dressing up & pretending. They tried on everything even a corset, which they thought was a vest!

He is pretending to be hard at work

The farm is very near the bay, the views were just stunning. Connie, the female interpreter working at the house was amazing, so patient with both my & the boys many questions. John who was working outside, was also wonderful. They were just full of information, happy to share it, & obviously very much enjoy their work.

J-Bird, told John about the chicks they had hatched in their classroom (from Casey Farm) & how we would like to get chickens of our own. So then John, got to telling me about the chicken class they have during spring vacation week every year at Coggeshall Farm & that they if we really are interested in keeping chickens that their farm sells heritage breed birds.  He had such a passion about the animals under his care, the importance of preserving the heritage breeds, & even though he was very obviously busy he took time to chat with us for a few minutes.

Headed back down the hill to our car, this was a perfect day I can't wait until our next visit. I am so glad we came to Coggeshall Farm today. It was very inspiring & I love sneaking in education in ways the boys won't see as learning.

Coggeshall Farm Museum

*The farm is open Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 am to 4:00pm year round
*Weekday rates are slightly cheaper than weekend rates, & they do not take credit or debit cards
*There are picnic tables, & a restroom on the grounds, this is a leave no trace site so if you bring it in be sure to take it back out
*There are various membership packages which have several nice perks: free admission during normal museum hours, discounted rates for special events & workshops, & a 10% discount on organic produce from their kitchen garden