Sunday, February 17, 2013

Keep on Shoveling

Yes, what I needed was more snow to shovel! It is starting to feel like I won't see my yard again until March at this rate. I am also sad that this recent storm made me miss my Sunday yoga class. Out of all three yoga classes I take this one is my favourite. It puts me in the right frame of mind to deal with the new week, & I love the loopy yoga high it gives me.

Which brings me to my Monday yoga class, I have decided that I can not go back to that class. From the instructor answering her phone mid class, to the fact that she doesn't instruct (her eyes are closed 95% of the class), to her doing the same exact thing every week. I was leaving MORE stressed than when I got to class & that is not why I practice Yoga. I have tried it four times, I think that was more than fair. Instead I switched to a Wednesday & Thursday class on top of Sunday.

A new thing Chavi & I have been doing is family yoga on Tuesday evenings. He is hyper flexible, yoga seems to come naturally to him. I also think it is a much needed boost of ego for him, & it gives us some nice bonding time with out his little brother (who tends to be much more demanding on my time). J-Bird joined us for one class but he would rather go run around in the child watch room at this point then take a 60 minute class. I am hoping he will want to try it again because it can really help his low muscle tone and inflexibility. Yes my children seem to be polar opposites LOL. I think yoga is so beneficial for children (& adults), it helps you to focus on just that moment & to be fully present in it. I also find joy in my body being able to do so much more than I was aware it could do.

Which brings me to an amazing give away** that OMazing Kids is doing with Teaching Children Meditation. The grand prize is a book called Calm Kids & free access to the Calm Kids level 1 course, there will be a second winner who will win the book only. So if you have time check out the give away & both the websites involved.

OMazing Calm Kids Give Away

Teaching Children Meditation

**I get nothing out of sharing this give away, I only wanted to pass along the information.