Thursday, February 21, 2013

NYC day 1: Natural History Museum & I really Needed a Nap

After the train ride down, we successfully rode the subway to our hotel. We stayed at Park 79 on the Upper West Side, for its very decent price & the location which could not be beat.

This was the narrow pass through from the sitting room & bedroom, it was a very cozy room.

The view from my sleeping area, J-Bird was so excited about these pigeons.

The view from the sitting room, our room was very private & extremely quiet. While The Park 79 may not have bells & whistles our room was very comfortable to stay in. (we also had an en-suite bathroom with a shower/tub combo.) The staff was very friendly, & over all it was a lovely place for the boys first visit to NYC.

Our first stop after checking in was lunch we ate at Ray's Pizza King. I had a slice of white pizza it was extremely good.  Sorry I was hungry & forgot to take a picture!

Then it was time to walk across the street to the Natural History Museum. This is may be one of the largest museums I have ever visited. It was also one of the most confusing, we got turned around more than once.

Tons of amazing things to look at, we could have spent two days wandering around just in here. The Journey to the Stars Planetarium show was really cool, I am so glad it came free with our City Pass. J-Bird was so tired that  he slept through most of the show, I might have dozed off for a teeny bit too.

J-Bird was hard to snap pictures of most of this outing. He is more of a speed looker when it comes to museums, always wanting to see what comes NEXT.

The boys learned what an adventurous person Teddy Roosevelt was, & all the interesting things he did during his lifetime.

We came to New York City but we got to see a little bit of our home state: Tucson, Arizona. The dioramas in this museum where out of this world, just gorgeous displays.

The best part though was all of the dinosaurs, a whole floor of nothing but dinosaurs. The boys were in heaven & now they want to be paleontologists when they grow up.

Which brings us to dinner, I had planned to eat at China Fun because of their dim sum that didn't go according to plan. When it came time ot leave the mueseum it was around 5:00 pm, the boys had been up since 4:15 am. Jacob rebelled at the idea of walking to go get dinner. Anyone who knows him, knows that this child does not skip meals. He was so tired that he would rather go back to the hotel & skip dinner if that meant he had to walk any further than the hotel.

I convinced him to walk to China Fun, he agreed if we could take it to go, I said sure. See I was thinking when we got there he would want to sit down & eat because he was tired. Nope when we arrived he was very serious about taking it to go. I myself was so exhausted I could barely focus on the menu so instead of dim sum we ended up with Hong Kong street noodles, sweet & sour chicken, & some chicken fried rice. I did get a bowl of delicious miso soup though. Then we schlepped it back to the hotel & were in bed by 8pm.

Chavi was a HUGE help all day long! His behaviour has been spot on this whole trip, and I know how hard that can be with his ADHD & so much new stimulation swamping him. I did buy him a special treat as a thank you for being so helpful while we were at FAO Schwartz. (that is NYC Day two though)

Park 79
The American Museum of Natural History
China Fun