Wednesday, February 20, 2013

All Aboard! aka Next Time Just Drive Your Car

For winter break I had this insane idea that the boys & I would take the train down to NYC. In retrospect I should have realized that J-bird would like train travel as well as plane travel. Which is to say he does not enjoy it at all; too noisy, too much motion, too much people coming in & out of the door. As he said it so well, it is too much, muchness. I thought he would like it since he loves Thomas & he travels so well in our car, I know better for next time. Currently he is now content laying underneath our seats, & you know what I am going to let him stay there if it means the second half of the ride goes more smoothly for him.

We woke up SO SO early to get to the train station, up at 4:15 am & out the front door in the car by 4:43 am. (This is like AMAZING for me because I am almost always running behind) I wanted to be certain of finding a spot in the garage for the car and now we have a spot right near the train entrance so it will be easy to find when we come home Friday evening. The only problem with needing to get the garage so early was that meant we would have a bit of a wait for our train. We had some breakie in the little train cafe, & then it was up to me to help kill time. Mostly this was accomplished by me telling J-Bird what time it was a googleplex amount of times.

Finally it was time, they yelled ALL ABOARD, whoop whoop! After walking the whole train & starting to feel anxiety about seating arrangements. The rows are two seats each, but every one was sitting alone so I couldn't find a spot for us! We passed the conductor at one point & then when we were turning around to re-check he came to me & said he had a spot for us! Now we have a nice little four seater section (two seats face two seats) & my stress level went down enormously. Our train journey as about 3/4's done we are passing Bridgeport, CT as I type.

Please J-Bird take a nap

Chavi, he is being such a good helper today
As difficult as travel can be with J-Bird, my 10 year old is being an angel today! *breathes huge sigh of relief* He is going to deserve an extra special reward if he maintains such good behaviour like this for the whole trip!