Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Life & Times of Westie the Library Bear

  The last week of school the children learned that our town's library has a bear named Westie. Even more exciting, was that Westie spends his summers going from home to home every week. Basically, Westie is a perpetual mooch, couch surfing though life.

  This past week was our lucky week & boy, were the children looking forward to having Westie come to stay.

  Westie came with his own little back pack of things, he had a story book, a collection of photos detailing past adventures, & a sleeping bag. Sadly, its probably the one thing I didn't think to photograph LOL. The children wanted me to take lots of picture. Over the course of the week, I think I was WAY more into photographing Westie than they were.

Westie hanging up his backpack for safe keeping

He was quite a social butterfly

He enjoyed Swedish meatballs

He brought his own sleeping bag, but greatly enjoyed having his own bed

Lights out Westie

Buckle up for safety

Westie got to visit the Warwick Childrens Library

He likes his burger extra rare

Waiting for the fireflies

Sleeping over in the great big bed

Well, adios Westie it was fun having you

  All said & done it was a very fun week, finding all sorts of things to do with a stuffed bear. I really love  & appreciate all  of the many free/low cost programs our local library system has. It really is a summer saver for those of us sticking to a budget. Have YOU been using your library? If not, go check it out & I bet you won't regret it.