Thursday, March 3, 2011

Honey and Egg on my face Part 2

So last night I washed my face all nice and clean with my brand new Honey and African Black Seed soap, and I was ready to begin my adventure into homemade skin care YAY!

The first thing I did was put a kettle on to boil, I wanted to use a warm cloth steam on my pores before slathering egg all over my face. While scrounging through the very many tins and boxes of tea I have I discovered I didn't have any chamomile. I mean come on I have chocolate hazelnut tea but no chamomile how weird is that. So in my not so infinite wisdom, I grabbed what I assumed would be the next best thing, peppermint herbal tea.

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See how pretty and soothing it looks, well we will get to that in just a minute.

While the tea was steeping, I whipped up the facial masque. It was a lot thinner then I expected it to be and of course both the apple cider vinegar, and the bergamot are pretty strong scents. The lemon essential oil covers most of the smell up, or I got used to it pretty fast so by the time I was spreading it on my face it didn't smell bad at all.

Now this is the part of my adventure that I took a wrong turn, yes we are back to the peppermint tea.

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I soaked my towel, and had the brilliant idea to pop the tea bags in the freezer to use later. I got the towel all wrung out and put it on my face. This part was nice a little tingly but it was a good tingle nothing in the danger zone. Breathing in the warm peppermint air was very soothing.

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It looks sort of gross but don't let the looks fool you, this masque really worked! The masque itself is kind of on the runny side, so I put it on hovering over the bathroom sink to make clean up easier. My cat was very interested in this part, while he frantically licked up any drops that hit the counter.

Then I grabbed my tea bags and headed for the couch to lay down. Now at first the cool tea bags felt heavenly on my puffy over tired eyelids. Then they started to tingle which still was not very troubling but that quickly turned into an "Oh mylanta my eyes are on fire" feeling. I had to take the tea bags off, and make a mental note that peppermint tea no matter how soothing is not very good for the eyes.

The masque itself was very easy to remove with a warm cloth. My skin was a little red but I am not sure if this is from my super smart idea of opening my pores with peppermint oil or from the apple cider vinegar. My skin felt so amazingly soft and young as soon as the masque came off A+ on that. The real treat though was that it helped right away with my cystic acne (that word really is just gross) on my jaw line. I had a largish blemish right in the middle of my chin and right now it is g-o-n-e! As a result of the egg white my skin also feels firmer. I plan on re-trying this facial masque in a couple weeks and also want to try using baking soda to make an exfoliating paste.

This afternoon I told Mr. G "feel my skin, I swear it is as soft as a babies tuches!"