Friday, March 4, 2011

Hakarat Hatov - recognition of the good

Today, my hakarat hatov is the joy my children have for life.

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Now, I am not sure what is happening in this photo my sister took this. I can see one thing though great fun is being had here by all!

Some days I might wonder why I ever decided I wanted to be a mother. You know, the days where nothing seems to go right. The kids won't stop bickering, dinner gets burnt, homework time was extra special hard, and oh by the way I need three dozen cupcakes by tomorrow and its 8:30 pm. (that's usually when I start humming Rick Recht's Be a  S.T.A.R. to myself!)

Then moments like this happen.

When my children show their sweet, goofy sides, and the times they make me laugh until it hurts (or make my heart grow three sizes bigger with pride). Then I remember "oh yeah, this is why I love my job!" The zrbtt's (if you don't know, then you need some 80's sitcoms in your life!), laughter, mispronounced words, cuddles, and goofiness make this all worth it.

Do you take the time to recognize the hakarat hatov in your life?

I frequently forget to be glad for all the good I do have, all the good others have given me. Way more often, I get wrapped up in what I think I don't have.

That is kind of looking at the world upside down isn't?

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