Sunday, March 13, 2011

North Eastern Bound

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Late last week Mr.G finally got his orders on paper YAY!!! In about six weeks we will be hitting the road headed for Newport, Rhode Island. I am so excited to go back to New England words just can not express how happy I am with his orders. Living on Aquidneck Island will be such an interesting experience the area looks beautiful and full of history. I am looking forward to taking the boy's up to Concord so that they can see where Chavi was born and we can visit the Barefoot Books storefront.

I have a lot of planning and sorting to do and not much time to do it in. From the road trip to de-cluttering our home in preparation for the movers to pack it all up. We are headed down to North Carolina first to spend a couple days with my husband's parents so we are taking I-40 across and I -95 up.

I am thinking we will stop at a few of the state parks, the Memphis Childrens Museum, the Parthenon, The National Mall, and what ever else catches our eye along the way. If anyone has some ideas of things to see along I-40 and I-95 please let us know!

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This week my goals are: get through the boy's clothes, toy's, and hopefully get through our little shed. I would like for everything to be done a week before the mover's are scheduled so we can just relax and spend the last few days getting the apartment scrubbed down for the walk through. The list they gave seemed more strident then the walk out for base housing!

What are some tips and tricks you have for moving? Are you a list maker and an organizer or do you fly by the seat of your pants? I am going to try to do this move a lot more organized then I ever have before, so please wish me luck!