Sunday, April 7, 2013

Playing Dress Up with Gwynnie Bee

My friend Kyrstel (owner of Army Wife 101) recently blogged about a clothing rental that caters to sizes 10 & up, called Gywnnie Bee. The best way to explain how Gywnnie Bee works is to compare it to Netflix, you pay a flat fee and you get to have a certain amount of wardrobe pieces sent to you. You can keep them for a while or send them back right away. You don't have to launder the clothing but they do include care instructions for each piece just in case you want too.  The really cool bit is right now they are offering a free 30 day trial! Since I am all about free I decided to give it a try, I figure if I don't like it well I am out nothing so it is a win/win.

My three wardrobe items came less than 48 hours after I signed up in a white box, that had been winterized just in case there was weather. Each item was wrapped carefully in pretty tissue paper, & pinned to the clothing label was an instruction for care tag. They also sent in a black envelope: a handwritten welcome note, a couple business cards to share with friends, & a card explaining how the return kit works.

What I enjoy the most about Gwynnie Bee, is that it encouraged me to try clothing pieces I would never have even taken off the rack in a shop. Something about not being out money if I didn't like it, really made me branch out of my clothing comfort zone! My first shipment contained an exotic print tunic from INC, a lace skater dress from Asos Curve, & a blue polka-dot dress by Style&Co.

Yesterday, I wore the INC tunic with grey tights, & brown boots to a birthday party. Surprisingly the fabric didn't cling in all the wrong places (I normally shy away from polyester & spandex), the dress was extremely comfortable, looked both simple & trendy. Which brings me to my current problem I lack a good mirror! Any time I want to take a picture of an outfit I have to climb up onto my step ladder & try to angle my camera just right in the vanity mirror.

So far I am in love with Gwynnie Bee, & can't wait to get my next shipment! This was just what I needed as I continue to lose weight. Now I can still have clothing that fits, without buying a whole new wardrobe of in between sizes.

Gwynnie Bee
*The plans range between one wardrobe item up to ten, with the price going from $35.00 a month up to $159.00. Your first 30 days are free, billing starts on the 31st day, & you may cancel at anytime.

*Once you get your clothing you can keep it as long as you want there are no return by dates. When you are ready to send it back just pop one item or all of your items into the pre-paid return mailers.

*Let Gwynnie Bee know you have returned an item & they will get your new items out to you even before they get your mailer!