Tuesday, April 30, 2013

For the Love of Dirt

Finally spring is here!  Which means its time to work outside, & play in the dirt.  In my opinion gardening is one of the best ways to spend a day.

Mr. G was home on R&R the last two weeks (he left yesterday, but will be home again for good sometime this summer), while he was home he pulled out four ugly old boxwood hedges from along the side of our home. I don't know if anyone else dislikes boxwood as much as I do, but I feel they are very dated & just boring. They are my least favourite landscaping & their days have been numbered since we moved in!

This is also where our new sump drains out into the yard, we had a massive basement project happen last week too. I really like that the ground water will stay out of the basement & help to water our grass.

Adios ugly boxwood hedge

So much bare dirt to work with I love it

My friends very generously gifted me a little lilac bush

All of those rocks & the granite blocks were found in my yard. When ever I dig a new hole or till up an old bed I find tons of rocks, these are some of the smaller ones I have harvested.

Pansies in a rain boot, I hung up both boots, & now I want more LOL. These were MY old rain boots, I love finding ways to recycle in my garden.

 I didn't notice she was missing an arm until I was paying BUT she was a thrift store bargain & I decided it didn't matter.

Another thrift store purchase, an old wire whisk. I filled it with yarn, cotton twine, & felting wool for the birds to snag.

One of my pretty chocolate terracotta pots, I have more waiting to be replanted. I just love the way the porch steps look with lots of planted pots. The rest of the pots are where I will plant my herb garden, & tomatoes.

I used to despise succulents, for some reason they bothered me on a tactile level. Now I love them, which is a good thing because my garden had a crazy amount of them when we bought the house. They are a super easy plant, & they relocate easily so I can use them as a quick filler.

I need mulch in the worst way but the local place I get it from is not open for the season yet & I am worried my seedlings won't come up if I mulch over them

My garden is still a work in progress, I don't think I will ever truly be done LOL. I have sunflower seeds planted along the house (I alternated mammoth & evening bliss), I am going to spray paint that tower trellis,  a few more flowers along the rock border, find more rocks in my yard to finish the border, & mulch, mulch mulch.

I love it though, gardening makes me very happy. One of my favourite things, is to sit in my yard, or on my porch, & just stare at my flowers or the birds. There is nothing better than soaking up the sun & warmth after a long winter. I am gleefully counting down the days until we can have our first beach day!