Friday, April 12, 2013

D.E.A.R. Bibliophilia

This week the boys school has been all about books, books, books, because it is Reading Week here in RI! I love reading & sharing that with my children is just one of the most cherished parts of our day. Which makes this week, one of the best weeks ever in my book!

The theme this year is Digging Deep: Unearth a Good Book, there were daily contests, activities like share your favourite book, wear your craziest hat, bring a favourite stuffie, & let's read at the beach. We also had a wonderful family literacy night at the school! We went on a New England trivia hunt, heard an amazing oral story teller, prizes were raffled (no, we didn't win we have zero raffle luck), ice cream was enjoyed, & every child went home with a new book.

The classrooms have had lots of guest readers & parents come in to visit. I was able to share one of my favourite stories with J-Bird's class: Ferdinand the Bull by Munro Leaf. Nothing beats reading to a room full of young children. They are the best, & the questions they ask when you are done are just way too much fun.

The school is also doing D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read) this week! Every day at 1:45 an announcement is made & all the students get to stop what they are doing to read from a book of their choice. National D.E.A.R. day is today (Happy Birthday to Beverly Cleary!). Make sure you remember to join in with your family, trust me you won't regret it.

Friday's theme was dress like a famous (or infamous) New Englander, it was SO specific & I was completely stumped. We checked out what our dress up trunk contained & discovered it was woefully lacking when it came to famous New Englander. We had lots of cowboy, super hero, Star Wars, fantasy, construction worker things, but NO famous historical New Englander things.  This did not go over well, & I refused to go buy anything new. We have our imaginations, a home full of things, & so the answer was no, I will not run out to buy something. That earned me the mean Ima award from both boys, oh well what can you do.

The boys really, really wanted to dress up though, so I thought about it, however by Thursday evening I was still completely ferhoodled. After I put the boys to bed last night, I realized that I was seriously over thinking it. My ideas were too big, I needed to think much smaller. The solution was name labels & button down shirts, so simple but very effective!

Johnny & Bobby

It was perfect, & even better after I dropped them off this morning I saw a tiny little Jackie walk in the front doors.

The Drop Everything and Read Program