Tuesday, October 15, 2013

You Get What You Need

I have been job hunting, which ends up feeling a lot like dating did in my early twenties. It starts out all shiny, you picture a Sixteen Candles kind of fairytale ending where you get that boy (job) you really want. Only, I am starting to suspect that I am not Samantha Baker. I might just be Caroline Mulford, ending the night with my hair chopped off in a strange boys car. What's a girl to do, when you cry yourself to sleep over that job you ALMOST got but in the end didn't. In short, six months of job hunting feels like an eternity, & what seemed fun has become emotionally draining.

Pity party aside, this has been a huge lesson on leaving my comfort zone, acceptance, & each interview is another chance to improve. I have some choices to make about what my next move would be & given Mr. G's working schedule, combined with the boy's school schedule somethings just won't fit. I want to go back to work, but is that what we need me to do right at this point in time? I will never regret putting my career on hold to raise my family, but I do wish an employer would take a chance on me.

I am giving it one more go, & then I will take a break until the new year.