Thursday, March 21, 2013

Is coffee breaking up with me?

Sunday & Monday of this week I was so ill, it was just horrible. The kind of ill where you are pleading with the porcelain gds to just let it happen already, PLEASE! All week long my stomach was recovering, I haven't had coffee since Sunday. I have had mugs & mugs of wonderful tea. What is it about tea that makes it so wonderful, especially when you feel like garbage?

Yesterday, I had one cup of coffee in the evening after swimming with the boys. Around bed time I started to feel ill again, still feeling nauseated this morning. The only connection I can make to how I feel is the coffee, which would be devastating because I love coffee!

Now I am going to miss my morning swimming again because I don't want to get ill in the pool. I love swimming & have only been one time this week because my stomach is apparently out to get me. I have missed yoga all week too, which makes me just feel so blah. I love my pool & yoga time they recharge me, & make me feel wonderful.

Pity party table one please!

Now I am wondering if I have gallstones. Google U tells me coffee can cause contractions in your gallbladder & if you have gallstones bring on an attack. It is times like these when I feel like the universe is pushing back against me as I try to change & become a healthy person. I get into the swing of things & then something happens to knock me right out of my game again. I don't want to be sick, I want to be at the Y in the pool working towards being fit.

I am not saying I have gallstones, or even that the universe is really out to get me, I am just saying I desperately want to feel well.